Polska pomoc - Polish Aid

A story about a brave humanitarian

Episode Summary

There are at least 200,000 of them globally. They devote their time, health, and sometimes lives to save others in the most remote corners of the world...

Episode Notes

The United Nations calls them ‘real life heroes’ and even gave them a social media hashtag. Humanitarians, as we can call humanitarian aid workers, have something in common with the Good Samaritan of the biblical parable. Much like their ancient predecessors, modern humanitarians will not pass by someone in need.

As Patryk Kugiel writes, in Poland, more and more individuals and organisations are becoming involved in humanitarian aid. NGO staff, volunteers, Polish missionaries, paramedics and physicians use government funds, private means and public fundraising to deliver support to the most remote places on Earth. In doing so, they prove their solidarity with the most vulnerable and take responsibility for the common fate of mankind.

Read by John Beauchamp